The Chad Players

The Chad Foundation’s secondary mission is to create, produce, and sponsor multi-cultural Art – film, theatre, books, which celebrate the stories of all heritages, provide inspiring role models, “Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit,” showing the inherent diversity of our country - the struggles, joys and dreams of all Americans. Chad wishes to provide a format for artists of all heritages- African American, Native American, Latino, and et al., showcasing their talents in performance, music, and design.

The Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks to The Chad Players and all the Friends and Artists who give the Gift of their professional talents and skills for our productions and charitable benefits – Actors, Directors, Sound and Lighting Designers and Technicians, Set Design, Box Office, Backstage Crew, the MFTA, Interns and Volunteers. You enrich our Lives and also help Chad’s work to save young hearts and lives.





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