David Deuel
7/13/85- 2/6/99

"For where your treasure is there will your heart be also."

It was like any other Saturday afternoon, maybe even better for David. His buddies came early, knocking at his window. They rode bikes, played Nintendo 64, and I saw David smiling with his friends as he shot hoops.

We always looked forward to Saturday afternoons as we all piled in the car to watch David play basketball. But within two minutes into the game, our perfect lives turned to blackness as we helplessly watched as David suffered a cardiac arrest on the gym floor. If a defibrillator had been on the scene, David could have survived and with treatment, he could have lived a long life.

I would like to share David's short autobiography written for church youth group and others' words about him.

I was born on July 13, 1985 in Las Vegas. I started playing sports when I was seven. I played youth soccer for three years. I started playing youth basketball when I was eight. I started playing little league baseball when I was eight. My teams finished first or second all but one year in both baseball and basketball. I played youth football for the first time last year .I was the tight end. My football team finished second.

My favorite teams are all the teams from Detroit - The Lions, the Red Wings, Pistons, & the Tigers. My favorite sport is basketball. Saturday I scored twenty points in three ten minute quarters. My second favorite sport is baseball- my Dad coached my team three times. I have played six seasons of basketball and five seasons of baseball. My favorite college team is the UNLV Rebels. I went to their game Saturday. They were playing Air Force.

David's Grandpa who was terminally ill at the time: "Dear Lord, what happened on that Saturday my grandson passed away?" "Many hearts were full of rage, How could my grandson leave at such a tender age?" (Their graves are now next to each other).

David's Grandma's letter of encouragement to David before his departure: I am happy to have such a good grandson. I think you are a "winner" and so does Grandpa. Always remember the song you love "We are the Champions" because it is what you will always be. Whether you win or lose if Jesus is for you who can be against you? You will always keep on fighting till the end. and you'll always be a "champion."

Coach Rick Hughes: "I could write pages upon pages of what a tremendous young man David was, but I think all I will say is that I have never been associated with anyone with higher integrity, morals, or a more courageous heart."

Janet - His Sunday school teacher : "When I suffered from M. S. and would have to use a cane, he would hurry to get the door to open it for me. During class he was the first with an answer and he could read better than I do. He was definitely wise beyond his years. I know of no other thirteen year old who touched so many lives with his goodness than David did."

Randy Fultz (our friend): He was the only person I know that memorized John Chapter 3 of the Bible and he was only six. I remember the first basketball game Desi and I went to and David was the hero for sure making three, 3-point shots and several 2-pointers winning the game in the last seconds, beating the first place team to take the lead...


The David Deuel Bill has passed here, in Nevada, enabling automated external defibrillators at public facilities without fear of liability to the trained user. Sudden cardiac death is called the "silent epidemic" and much more needs to be done to save lives. We are heartbroken and we miss our David every moment. His enthusiasm for sports and life was contagious. Through Jesus Christ, we know we will be with him again. In the interim, we are suffering, missing him.

To contact David's mother, write to kathy@chadfoundation.org

"We love you David." " Thank You for a glimpse of Heaven."