The Gemini Kiid

A Children’s Book Series THE GEMINI KIID© is a lovable little character who has many different parts, many different feelings, many different actions and many different colours. GEMMI is the main character in my children’s picture book series, The Adventures of the GEMINI KIID©. In the first book, The Gemini Kiid© Comes To Earth! the ‘little kiid’ falls to earth and is adopted by twin siblings, named Keira and Kyle Laurent. Though Gemmi is loved by his new family who praise his agility, his diversity and his quick mind, Gemmi is also smart enough to know and see how different he is. In subsequent stories: The Gemini Kiid© Goes to School! finds some subjects Gemmi’s a whiz at, others he dislikes, The Gemini Kiid© Goes To the Symphony! – each part plays a different instrument, woodwinds, bass, strings, etc. The Gemini Kiid© Goes in Search of His Roots! finds one part is Asian, another, African, another Native American, another Scottish, another Egyptian.. The Gemini Kiid© Discovers Feelings! one part is happy, one part a tease, another all twisted up, another ponderous, another proud, another shy, one risky, one sage, The Gemini Kiid© ..When I Grow Up- ...A lumberjack, an oceanographer, a doctor, a father, an architect, a fireman, a writer…- -all viable choices for the versatile whiz kiid. In The Gemini Kiid© Takes A Trip Through the Universe! - he meets his ancestors, ‘Capricorn Moon,’ and visits other planets, all which subtlely help to educate and help children identify and explore their own feelings and the variety and myriad of experiences available in their universe... Come listen to the The Gemini Kiid© Comes To Earth!, narrated by its author, Arista.