James Cenney
19 October 1989 - 11 October 2004

My 14-year-old son, James Cenney, passed away October 2004. James was a brown belt in Sho Shu Karate and loved martial arts. He was a guitar player who loved music. James collected comic books and action figures. He was a certified SCUBA diver since 10 years old and had recently dove in the Bahamas. James loved the water and was a surfer. He had a girl friend and was looking forward to driving and loved old mustangs and corvettes. James played basketball for three years and track for two years, and most recently had been a football player for the last two years.

James seemed to be always exercising and wanted to become a professional football players. He lifted weights and read a lot. He had just passed his latest sports physical given at Brooke Army Medical Center on Fort Sam, Houston, Texas in July 2004. Myself, my daughters Anne (16) and Teresa (9), James (14) and a neighbor beside Teresa who was riding her bike. He just turned around, smiled at us all and collapsed in the housing area and almost everyone living there has a medical background. Two medics ran out of their houses to help and start CPR, and an emergency ambulance arrived and James was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center. He never regained consciousness. James passed away. James’ birthday was 19 October. He was a week away from being 15 years old. In the emergency room I kept asking...”why, why, why.... what happened?” An autopsy showed he had Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

My wife, Kongsri, my daughters and I were and remain totally devastated. I have enclosed this photo I scanned of James. Feel free to use it and this story on your site. I found your site very wonderful and realize that Cardiomyopathy and Sudden Cardiac Death affect more young athletes that is known and reported.

I started a blog for James at: http://www.jamescenney.blogspot.com