To keep her beloved son's fine spirit alive, Chad's artist mother founded The Chad Foundation For Athletes and Artists, a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to inspire youth to live as Chad did - vibrantly and with generosity of spirit, without substance abuse. - "Healthy body/mind/spirit."


The Chad Foundation for Athletes and Artists' mission is two fold: First, to raise the awareness of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes and Students and promote 'healthy heart living' through educational lectures, videos, scientific research and preventive measures, such as providing "Cardiovascular Screenings to High Schools, Colleges, Athletic Organizations and the Disenfranchised," which also identify early cardiovascular risk factors. Secondarily, our mission as artists is to create/produce/sponsor art - film, theatre and books that celebrate American stories of all heritages and provide inspiring role models. Chad is dedicated to showing the inherent diversity of our country - the struggles, joys and dreams of all Americans and providing a format for artists of all heritages to showcase their talents.

The Gift of Heart and Art

Thus far, "The Chad Foundation Cardiovascular Screening Program" has provided 5,500 free echocardiograms in 5 states and, globally, in Austria and Sweden to, respectively, 16 and 26 countries of athletes participating in the "1st and 2nd Homeless Soccer World Cups." In New York, post 9-11, Chad partnered with the Living Heart providing near 2,000 NYPD Cardiovascular Screenings at the Police Academy in NYC. We have also provided heart screenings for Columbia University athletes, the NY Giants, Newport Beach Harbor High School and most recently, young athletes at the Harlem YMCA. As a proud partner of the "Annual Johns Hopkins Heart Hype Program," headed by Dr. Theodore Abrams, we have screened 500 high school star athletes and members of the Baltimore Basketball Academy at Morgan State University in Baltimore. With our longtime distinguished partner, the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Heart Institute, who is the chosen recipient of the "Annual Chad Foundation Volleyball Tourney", we have provided in access of 1,100 free echocardiogram screenings to invited high schools and community members in Los Angeles thanks to the continuing dedication and support of the CHLA Heart Institute: Dr. Michael Silka, Head, Dr. Pierre Wong, Director of Echocardiography and esteemed colleagues, Dr. Alan Lewis, Dr. Masato Takahashi and Dr. Arno Hohn.

In the Gift of Art, the McGraw Hill Books video of the classic poem, "To An Athlete Dying Young," with a special introduction by The Chad Foundation is shown in 5,000 schools. The Foundation's documentary entitled, "Beyond A Mother's Memories," which shows the journey of the foundation to save lives, was given honorable note at the Envoy Film Festival. The off-Broadway play, "All About Sneakers," a play about learning to love oneself, has been performed by The Chad Players for 300 Homeless men and women in NYC. The Chad Players production of "Days of Wine and Roses" was brought to Atlantic City, NJ sponsored by the "Atlantic Commission on Abused and Missing Children/Department of Family and Youth Services" as the community event of the year to show the deleterious effects substance abuse can have on the family.