Chad Beyond a Mother's Memories

This book is about the ‘Celebration of one young Life,’ Chad Alan Butrum, who died of Sudden Cardiac Death while playing football at just 26 yrs. of age and transcending the tragedy to save other young lives. In this journey, one sees how the experience of losing a child affects us all - mothers/fathers, brothers/sisters, relatives, friends/ partners, the community, the medical community and government officials. Honoured participants share and celebrate their own personal stories and how they cope with losing a young person in their lives.

The book also contains quotes in support of “The Chad Foundation’s Heart Screening Programs from: Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Giuliani, Governor Schwarzenegger, the Chief of Cardiology at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, the Director of the Heart Hype Program at Johns Hopkins with a preface from Peggy Ritch, mother of Reggie Lewis, famed young Boston Celtic who died of Sudden Cardiac Death.

This is an excerpt, “Chapter One” – The Phone Call….