Life is A Gift - Chad Safe Driver Campaign

                                                                Chad and his brother Collin                                                                             Chad, Senior Prom, North Hollywood High, CA

Join the “Life is a Gift - Chad Safe Driver Campaign”

On the 29th of April 1994, Chad went out to play in his football league, it would be his last game. He collapsed and died suddenly of Sudden Cardiac Arrest with no history of heart disease.  He was a great guy who loved all people and cared about their dreams. In his 26 years, he never drank an alcohol beverage, smoked a cigarette or did drugs. It was just his own personal code, which he forced on no one.  He always did the driving when he and his friends went out to the clubs dancing- something he loved to do almost as much as playing sports, and you always had to wear a seatbelt when you drove with Chad.  In his name, “The Chad Foundation For Athletes and Artists” was formed, a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to inspire youth to live as Chad did - vibrantly and with generosity of spirit, without substance abuse and with love for all people of all ages and heritages. - "Healthy body/mind/spirit."  Please safeguard your Life and the Lives of others by joining his new program, the “Life is A Gift - Chad Safe Driver Campaign.”  

Order your special “Life is A Gift” Keychain Shield, a great-looking, heavyweight, curved shield pendant with an antique, pewter-like finish. Agreat-looking, heavyweight, curved shield pendant with an antique, pewter-like finish.

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Wear it on your keychain or keep it in your car and join the “Chad Honour Roll of Safe Drivers by taking the “Life is a Gift pledge: Save Lives, I will not text/drink and drive.” (This motto is etched on the backside of your keychain shield pendant.)  It is our goal to have an “Honour Roll of Safe Drivers” from all 50 states and countries from all over the world.  We also plan to have a page of Tributes to Young Victims who are no longer with us because of unsafe drivers. In their honour, their memories and spirits will help us to value Life and drive safely, without distraction or substance abuse.

For schools, universities, or organizations  (i.e., Fraternities, Sororities, Clubs, etc.) who order a minimum of 50 “Chad Keychain Shield Pendants,” The Chad Foundation will make a donation to the school/organization’s Safe Driver or Anti Substance Abuse Program or Scholarship for a Graduating Senior who is a role model for these values. The Chad Foundation for Athletes and Artists is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a 501 c3, tax-exempt status.

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Texting, Drinking and Driving and Not Wearing Seatbelts

What We Can Do

To bring The Chad Players to your community whose plays deal with the challenges of substance abuse, please click on, Days of Wine and Roses and All About Sneakers. “The CHAD Players memorable performance helped immensely in heightening awareness of the impact substance abuse has on the family.” The Atlantic Commission on Missing and Abused Children” sponsored a performance of ‘Roses’ at Dante Hall in Atlantic City, NJ as the community event of the year to show the deleterious effects substance abuse has on the family.

Thank you for joining the “Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit”

Life is A Gift - Chad Safe Driver Campaign