Travis Mendoza
Born July 9th 1988 Traveled to Eternal Peace
August 22nd, 2002

Travis is loved and missed by Mother Maura whom was graced with Travis as her Oldest son , Best friend who was always there for her when the world went out, and Fiance' Walter who has the patience of a saint , and faith in Walti that he would always love and care for his Mummiee ! , The Greatest Gramps ( Dick ) and Most adoring and Doting Nana ( Peg ) Flanagan whom made Travis there world a million times over , Bestowing on Travis there dedicated love , Deeply Missed by his Brothers Michael and Conlan whom always looked up to Travis to set the pace for there next quest ! , Uncle Marty his best playmate and mentor, Titi Tray hismost favorite Auntie and Beloved God Mother whom brought out the laughter and set the stage for his playful personality ~ Her Husband and Travis God Father Jose whom Travis admired for his success in his career and loved to spend quality time Riding next to in his Big Bad Truck with the tunes Crankin !! ,His closest Cousins in Worcester MA Pooh, T ~Man , and Rye ~ Rye .

Meme his loving grandmother whom showed Travis unconditional Love and Taught him that we all make mistakes, Uncle Mark his " Big Bad Unc ! " who always took the time to know Travis ' life, Titi Ennie who reflected his very own mother and graced him with his strength , Titi Rose and Jill, always had an ear for Travis and gifted him with his " Big Lil Man " image ! and taught him to be himself ... His Best Friend Jack , Travis and Jack were a team, always together , Brothers at the core of there hearts, and Jacks family Louise and Jack Sr whom took Travis not only into there home every single day for 5 yrs but into there hearts forever ~

Travis took a piece of us all, yet what he left behind in all of us will forever remain in our lives every day and our hearts every second ! Loving You Travis R. Mendoza Around The World And Back Again ...Forever Infinity ~ Mummiee