Volunteer Opportunities

Generalist in PR and Media: PR agencies that have as their focus, youth/athletics/art/heart would be most helpful. Stories on our mission and screening events will help increase awareness of Sudden Cardiac Death in young athletes and promote the importance of a heart healthy lifestyle in the young.

Licensed Cardiologists, Ultrasound Technicians and RN’s, certified CPR instructors and Event Volunteers: Donate a few hours on a Saturday in our community screenings to help safeguard young athletes and students’ heart, especially in underserved communities is an invaluable gift to our program.

Host a “Chad Heart Screening” in your community, at your child’s school, your alma mater or the local recreation center. Preventive screenings can help save young lives and promote a heart healthy awareness and lifestyle. In NY, CT, NJ, volunteer for the next “Chad Heart Screening.”

Host a “Chad Volleyball or Baseball Game or Run” and donate the proceeds to saving young hearts by identifying early premature cardiovascular risk factors through early screenings.

Host a “Chad Play Performance”: The Chad Players have provided 6 off Broadway multi-cultural performances to challenge the mind and heal the spirit including their production of "Days of Wine and Roses" which was sponsored by "The Get Involved Atlantic City Commission on Missing & Abused Children" as the community event of the year to show teens the deleterious effects substance abuse can have on the family. - "The Gift of Heart and Art."

“Sponsor A Chad Dance-a-thon”: Chad loved to dance [link to chad docu, Chad dancing 9:36-9:55] He was only 26 yrs. old when he left us but his spirit lives on. Have a grand time, dance up a storm, invite young and old, have contests and give the proceeds to “The Gift of Heart and Art.” Why not ‘dance’ on Valentine’s Day or Halloween and safeguard young hearts!

“Hold A Chad Art Contest”: For elementary schools and high schools, create the best brochure for “healthy foods and heart healthy activities,” and for older students, design brochures they would like to read on the lifesaving “CPR Technique,” create artwork pictures for Chad calendars and t-shirts.

“Donate your unique skills and talents”: Are you a videographer, filmmaker, photographer -shoot a heartscreening, help us edit, get involved in our film projects. Are you a retiree or recent graduate, attorney, admin, grantwriter, savvy at social media networking, fundraiser? Are you a whiz at Social Media? Your donation of time and service, however much or little, is another brick in the foundation which allows our programs to reach more young people’s hearts, minds and spirits.

“Join our New York Advisory Board”: Let’s make our city “heart healthy” for our children and ourselves. Help us raise awareness in your workplace, social clubs and organizations. Think of young hearts and “heart health” when planning your next event.

“Help form a Junior Board”: Gather members 21-30 who have a unique energy and voice on giving back to the community.

“Donate services to the Chad Heart Screening”: Find prizes for raffle incentives for students to participate. Celebrity memorabilia, sports tickets, etc. Help with intake and exit of screening questionnaires. At our screenings, help with traffic flow from station to station. •