Warning Signs

Please pay close attention to the following Warning Signs

• Become dizzy or passed out during exercise?
• Develop chest pain, shortness of breath or wheezing?
• Become tired more quickly than peers during exercise?
• Have you been told that he/she has a heart murmur or heart disease?
• Have you been told that he/she has skipped heartbeats or racing heartbeats?
• Has anyone in the family developed heart disease or died from heart disease (Sudden death or cardiomyopathy) under the
age of 50?
• Do you get any discomfort in your chest when you are active?
• Compared to others in your age group, do you feel tired when exercising?
• Have you been told you have high blood pressure?

• Chest pain or pressure: When? (__walking, __resting, __anytime)
• Palpitations: When? (__walking, __resting, __anytime)
• Shortness of Breath: When? (__walking, __resting, __anytime)
• Ankles/Leg Swelling: When? (__walking, __resting, __anytime)
• Unusual Fatigue: When? (__walking, __resting, __anytime)
• Light-headed/dizzy: When? (__walking, __resting, __anytime)
• Girls: Fainting during menstrual cycle or anytime
• Boys: Fainting anytime

Risk Factors

• Overweight for height/age?
• Drinking alcohol? How much?
• Smoking cigarettes? How many?
• Performance enhancing agents (e.g., ephedra, steroids)?
• Is there any family history (direct blood relatives) with a history of cardiomyopathy or sudden death under 50 yrs. of age?
• Family history of high cholesterol?
• Family history of diabetes?
• Family history of hypertension?
• Family history of a “heart attack” at age less than 55 years?